Madi G’s ‘Walk Away’: A New Pop Punk Alternative

Madi FFO: Pop, Rock, Pop Punk

Electric guitar work, with just a bit if delay, opens the track before the full band takes hold and the singer makes an entry. Soon into the cut, vocal leads lend a contemporary style and character. Meanwhile, a punchy bass and well-timed drumming add a bit of attitude within the arrangement. At :55 the vocalist easily reaches a higher register before continuing on. But there is more to “Walk Away” from Madi G.

Hitting play

Closely listening to “Walk Away,” the band is on the mark including, at times, serving up driving fret work with a similarly excellent rhythm battery. The melody meets expectations and is enough to keep fans coming back for more. Checking out the music through headphones, then on larger stereo speakers, 17-year old Madi G’s performance and the song become a new playlist favorite. The Australian-based artist’s 3:18 track arrives during the middle of Aussie spring and just in time for summer Down Under.

Released Oct. 16, 2020, “Walk Away” is available on all streaming platforms. A Vevo music video is set toMadi premiere on Oct. 23.

The message and messenger

According to Madi, “Walk Away” is a “screw you type of anthem” meant to empower, but with some humor, too. The general idea behind the song is about letting go of bad relationships inhibiting personal growth. Good advice and worth consideration.

Madi G has a loyal, increasing audience of followers and fans on social media. Influenced by rockers Hey Violet and “Let Me Down Slowly” songster Alec Benjamin among others, the singer’s previous releases have reached more than 3.5k streams via Spotify and 5.2k views on YouTube. From a view, everything is going in the right direction for Madi G.


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