On Netflix: ‘Wizards’- Ivory Tower Project’s ‘My Name’

Ivory Tower Project-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Classic Rock, Prog-Rock

Enjoying enormous growth and popularity, Netflix is a force to be reckoned with as far as subscription based streaming goes. Featuring a first-rate and often first-run collection of movies and television shows, Netflix just knows how to get things done. The immense media service’s content is king, which includes the computer-animated series Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, created by filmmaker, author and actor, Guillermo del Toro. Meanwhile, listen closely for “My Name,” from Ivory Tower Project.

A singular sound

Striking a sync-license deal with DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal, portions from the Ivory Tower Project song “My Name” have been placed on episode 106 of the Netflix Wizards series, which premiered Aug. 7, 2020. Released by Guerrilla Records-NY, “My Name” holds something special for video aficionados and listening enthusiasts alike. No surprises there, considering the founder of Ivory Tower Project, Mark Regula, exudes universal appeal with music fans. Regula is currently nominated for “Amazing Lead Vocals” in blues, pop and rock at the Holland Red Carpet International Awards Show on Nov. 7, 2020.

Netflix, DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal consistently present winning formulas and this time around, Ivory Tower Project’s music is a part of that method.

Accompanying imagery and music

The 3:14 lyric video for Ivory Tower Project’s latest single, “My Name,” begins with images of cover art from theIvory Tower Project-jpg.com band’s debut album, Red Hot and the track “How Much More,” before moving on to assorted scenes, including Wizards: Tales of Arcadia, photos, animated depictions and other ITP visuals. Lyrics play in unassuming greyish-white letters at the bottom of the screen. An original song, the stanza, “Lost in a world/Where nobody knows you/And leading a life/Where nobody showed you,” emits sensitivity and the widespread appeal which Regula the artist typically embodies.

A synthesizer climbs through the first nine seconds or so of the intro for “My Name,” perhaps taking off for places unknown, yet reminiscently familiar. A piano strictly keys on a particular rhythm, adding to the buildup. Soon the lead singer enters, creating audible attention and added appeal. With the first bass and drum notes occurring at about :16, the music continues to take shape and form until the entire band joins in and a bit of a prog-rocking feel takes hold. The recording’s timing and polish are superb. Production and guitar play follow the same precision. No wonder DreamWorks Animation and NBC Universal noticed Ivory Tower Project to begin with.

The entire Wizards: Tales of Arcadia series is available on Netflix.

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