Secret Treehouse’s ‘Overrated’: Delivering Scandi Pop Escapism

Secret Treehouse-jpg.comFFO: Nordic Indie, Rock

On the west coast of the Scandinavian Peninsula, in the heart of the fiords and surrounded by seven breathtaking mountains, including majestic Mount Floyen, concert venues around Bergen, Norway are where the band Secret Treehouse initially gained popularity. In the recording studio as well, the group’s fourth single, “Overrated,” from the album The Big Rewind, is ready for release.

Leaving the ordinary for a while

The Secret Treehouse name alone is made for these times. Perhaps a familiar memory from childhood, climbing up a tall tree, maybe with friends, each branch was that much closer to getting away from things for a little while, in other words, escapism. Considering social distancing measures across the globe and everything associated with the general circumstances, having a hush-hush retreat seems perfect. According to the band’s website a treehouse is “the place you retire, when you need some distance.” But if one of those hideaways is not available, do the next best thing: listen to Secret Treehouse.

About the music

Available Oct. 30, 2020, the first ten seconds of the intro to “Overrated” feature a shimmering tone before theSecret vocalist begins singing the melody. As the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums join in, a certain pop music character begins to take hold. Thanks to the musicianship and arrangement, the 4:10 track simultaneously feels new while carrying a familiar warmth. Maybe that is attributable to the band’s concept of finding an easier, secluded place. Whatever the reason, the idea works.

Somewhere between city and country, Secret Treehouse refers to itself as a “pop orchestra.” Meanwhile, once the song starts, “Overrated” never slows down. Listen closely for the terrific keys. A changing time signature reveals an adept rhythm battery. Enthusiasts also will find the cut is driven by fine guitar work. The lead vocals take the band’s song to its peak. All things considered, tested first through headphones and then on a home stereo, “Overrated” is a success.

Secret Treehouse is Anja Bere – vocals; Sveinung Fossan Bukve – guitars; Tormod Smith Svanevik – bass; Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland – keys; and Marius Mathisen – drums.

For more about Secret Treehouse, please visit:

Artist’s Official Website






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