Nat Myers Music Preview: ‘Field Recordings’

Nat Myers-jpg.comFFO: Blues, Folk Blues, Acoustic Guitar

Listening to the three song sampler from Field Recordings, the music suggests a pleasant, measured pace and accompanying guitar licks in all the right places. String intonation sounds authentic, vocals entirely in the moment. Blues music, pure, solo and ready for the listening describes the trio of tracks on an upcoming album from Nat Myers.

Through Bandcamp, headphones and speakers

Ignoring trends while maintaining contemporary artist status, Nat Myers has released a musical taste of things to come with Field Recordings. The entire collection is available December 31, 2020. Meantime, instinctive and melodic, complemented with acoustic six-string picking and strumming, the 2:29 “Southgate Blues” delivers an unadulterated rhythmic performance. “Southgate Blues” evokes the age-old paradox of some songs belonging in the blues category, while being a lot of fun to hear.

The second pick, “Honey Bunny Blues,” will have enthusiasts thinking the artist is from a long forgotten, decade’s old playlist caked with dust and memories. No doubt, the cut is strictly lo-fi, complete with vinyl record scratches and an intro stating, “Honey Bunny take three.” Myers humming and singing over plucked strings and slide generates a one-man groove. The track has an overall snippet feel, only creating a desire to hear more. The finalNat song from the Field Recordings sampling, “Double Wide Blues,” is perhaps the most ambitious with plenty of slide and sincerity.

About the artist

Residing in New York City, Myers is a folk-blues singer, songwriter and guitarist from Kenton County, Kentucky. As far as music afficianados go, he retains an intergenerational sound, the kind that is felt and not just learned.

From ZZ Top to Robert Johnson and many in between, blues musicians often have displayed a sense of humor with their music and Nat Myers is no exception. Check out the YouTube video live from Brooklyn’s Jalopy Theatre, where Myers is wearing a set of red devil’s horns at the microphone.

A journalist and poet, for more about Nat Myers, please visit:

Artist Official Website






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