Shiny Happy Records Deliver ‘Comfort And Joy Christmas Compilation’

Shiny Happy

Music label releases seasonal holiday anthology of different independent artists

FFO: Pop, Indie Pop

Arriving on time with enthusiasm and variety, Shiny Happy Records has put together a 23-track album of songs featuring Christmas as the central theme. The Tangerang, Indonesia-based label reached out to an array of music artists, bringing the concept to realization. According to Shiny Happy Records, the idea came about as result of the frustration felt from the worldwide coronavirus shutdown. This year, Comfort and Joy – A Shiny Happy Christmas Compilation, provides a unique yuletide lift. Here is why.

Christmastime during COVID

Most everyone has been touched in one way or another by the global pandemic. To counteract some of the isolating effects from self-distancing rules, Shiny Happy Records’ Comfort and Joy – A Shiny Happy Christmas Compilation, is an album glowing with atmosphere. Released Dec. 13, 2020, the label explains on Bandcamp how it is “trying to find another way of having fun even though there are no face-to-face gigs.” Shiny Happy’s reason for making the album, in many ways, defines the spirit and determination of independent music artists everywhere. Bands from Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, England, United States, Denmark, Sweden, Australia and Germany took part in the recording.

Listening to messaging  

The assembly of songs wastes no time getting into form with The Skating Party’s “Brothers In Our World.” The 1:51 track is all about blended vocal harmonies and the melody. The Skating Party projects a sense of sincerity within the music’s production. Second up on the track list, “December,” by Day & Dream, conveys a similar easygoingness, but then breaks form while the drumming dictates the pace. The vocals are dreamy, soothing and distinctive. Following in order, The Suncharms offer more of a rock take with “December Girl.” From the intro to the ending, the song is pleasant and accessible. Hitting replay is a given.

Skipping between titles, simply put, Tampopo’s “Snowman” is fun and nostalgic. The vocals, guitar solo and rhythm section all contribute to the upbeat tenor, surely creating smiles on listeners. The Compilation is generally chocked full of similar songs to discover which can last through the holidays and into the following season. Track nine’s “Buy Me Bonestorm (Or Go To Hell),” from Teen Angst, asks, “Is it really Christmas time/Can’t believe it’s all gone by.”

Enthusiasts will have to decide which are the highlights of the album. Perhaps Comfort and Joy – A Shiny Happy Christmas Compilation is best enjoyed while skipping around and sampling new music discoveries.

Shiny Happy

For more about Shiny Happy Records, please visit Bandcamp.

Shiny Happy


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