Pylon Poets’ ‘Reverie’: Collected From ‘Liquid Hallucinations’

English trio’s single and EP communicate band’s sonic vision

Pylon Poets-jpg.comFFO: Alt Rock, Rock, Synth

The music creates a bridge between the strongpoints of solid band-driven rock and contemporary listening. Proof is heard easily in the Pylon Poets’ latest song, “Reverie,” or perhaps better yet during the accompanying video. Filmed by the Pylon Poets and Lisa Higgins, the imagery conveys a particular musicianship infused with a classic character, while a Blackstar® amp head lurks in the background. The music and visuals are a fitting connection. But there is more.

Into the sound

Seldom played at live shows before COVID brought things to a near halt and rarely heard by fans anywhere, “Reverie” is the opening track from the EP, Liquid Hallucinations. Considering the music, the Pylon Poets do not mess around. The group jumps right into the 3:32 cut, developing a meaty beat and musical persona without haste. At :22 the vocals enter, flexing a bit more emphasis and dimension. Meanwhile, listen closely for the synth floating beneath the mix. As far as production goes, instrumentation is clear and enjoyable.

Chord changes are sharp and flow throughout the duration of “Reverie.” The vocal refrain rings out the title lyricPylon twice before a brief guitar solo arrives and departs for more rhythm playing. The bass and drums are tight, radiating finesse.

More about the sights

The video for “Reverie” stresses different camera angles in a monochromatic finish of greenish-gray and black tint, but without overindulgent trippy distortion. Band members remain recognizable within the shadowy context of dark and light. Occasionally, prismatic colors flash in fleeting trails across the screen. Closeups of the band add to the video and music’s character, achieving a one-two impact on the senses. The light source on the musicians varies from one side to another, in front and sometimes above. But make no mistake; the music is the message.

The Pylon Poets are Dan Hughes – vocals, guitars, synths; Sam McIver – drums, backing vocals; and Nathan Hughes – bass, backing vocals.

“Reverie” and Liquid Hallucinations are now available on most popular digital platforms.

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