Feed Your Wolves Collection Arrives Among A ‘Hurricane’

Multi-instrumental musician releases new solo EP project following album debut

FFO: Rock, Indie, Alt Pop

A complementary strongpoint from musician Andy Davidson is the artist’s knack to capture and create solid songs and arrangements which feel like radio hits waiting to happen. Davidson is the mastermind behind Feed Your Wolves. Meanwhile, playlist enthusiasts need to look no further than the Hurricane EP for newfound accessibility and enjoyment. Here is why.

The forecast has volume

Hearing “Don’t Leave Me (Intro),” the first track from the Hurricane song list, listeners are reminded that some of what separates Feed Your Wolves from the pack is Davidson’s vocals. Proving his range, the musician maintains vocal stability throughout the song while rising to meet the natural points of excitement within the track. Vocally, AD gets the job done and then some. But this only part of the Hurricane story.

Next on the EP, the 4:14 title track’s verse moves to a swift pace and a lower vocal delivery compared to “Don’t Leave Me.” Showing the versatility of a true working musician, with palm muting helping build the momentum, the chorus follows in providing excitement and musical crescendo, especially so when the word “Hurricane” is accentuated. This lends to the Feed Your Wolves style. Meanwhile, images from FYW often feature the British-based, multi-talent wielding an acoustic guitar and for good reason. Taking a listen to track four, “I’ve Been Waiting For You,” an idea of who Davidson the musician is comes across through the music. The cut has jangly, unplugged personality. Drums and bass assist in conveying the spirit of the melody.

More musicAndy Davidson, Feed Your Wolves-jpg.com

As far as songwriting goes, Davidson has a skill for making music which works well under several styles. For instance, Feed Your Wolves’ 2019 Save Yourself debut album’s title track, initially a pop rock-ish cut featuring guitar, was later released as a terrific “Silver Fox Remix,” possessing a larger club ambience. The “Silver Fox” version is produced by James Henderson, though Davidson typically writes, performs, records, produces and even creates the artwork for his music.

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Another highlight from Hurricane, “Stars,” has a rock profile, perhaps reminiscent of Bryan Adams, exhibiting great charisma. Following in sequence on the EP, listen to the biting but melodic guitar leads during “Let Me Breathe,” at 4:25 the song is the longest in the collection. By comparison, a piano is noticeably woven into the final track, “Every Day That I Wake.”

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