Deadly Records: Raising The Stakes In New Music With Midnight Alleys, Serotones


Independent label presents engaging bands for listeners’ consideration     

Midnight Alleys-jpg.comFFO: Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Rock

Despite the world at large slowing down and experiencing COVID fatigue, Deadly Records is thriving while serving up inviting music and more. The mastermind enthusiast behind the label, Rob Fiddaman, has a passion for introducing exciting artists to audiences, evidenced in the words on the Deadly Records social media sites, which include, “Bringing total chaos and disruption to music.” But this is merely how the story begins.

Getting acquainted with Midnight Alleys

Available on the Deadly Records label, “Sick Clown,” from Midnight Alleys, addresses struggling and discovery, while dealing with contemporary challenges. Released Nov. 21, 2020, from a forthcoming debut album, the 2:28 cut provides an encouraging narrative conclusion. The song is the kind of track that dictates hitting replay with pleasure.

Listeners can anticipate the energy flowing during “Sick Clown” as soon as the drums begin the intro. Before long, keyboards, guitars and bass join in, completing the instrumentation. At :14, the Dundee, Scotland-based band begins cruising and the musicianship gets bumped up a notch. No doubt, Midnight Alleys’ recording energy has a live feel. Beyond the vibrance, the vocals are melodic and add to a trippy feel. Listen for the excellent guitar leads.

Midnight Alleys is Neil Morrison – lead vocals, guitar; Matthew Kermally – lead guitar; George Mackenzie – bass; Fabio Whyte – keys, vocals; and Ben Connelly – drums.

Serotones-jpg.comMore music via Serotones 

Guitar driven and passionate come to mind while listening to the intro for the Serotones’ single, “Are You Listening.” Hailing from York, United Kingdom, it is no surprise the group’s self-titled EP has surpassed 100,000 streams on Spotify. Released Dec. 11, 2020 on Deadly Records, besides the band’s sheer talent, some of that success owes to “Are You Listening.”

The volume, playing skill and general character of the band rocks out, which translates well to “Are You Listening.” The no holding back feel lends an eager fervor, with guitars, bass, drums and lead vocals working in sync toward a common goal. The result is an impressive 4:06 song, offering a modern rock style and sound.

The Serotones lineup for “Are You Listening” is Duke Witter – vocals; Sonny Leach – guitar; Sam Lambert – guitar; Joe Adams – bass; and Tom Elliot – drums.

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