Lovely World: Riding The Music Momentum Into A New Year


Band proves prolific with three new singles and a vinyl EP

Lovely FFO: Contemporary Rock, 1970s Influences

Despite the ongoing slowdown and frustrations caused by the conditions at large, Lovely World has issued an exciting, limited edition four-song red vinyl EP. For hungry playlisters and eager enthusiasts, if that is not enough, on Dec. 3, 2020, the South Carolina-based group released the single, “Stole My Mind.” But hold on because Lovely World is not done. Another song is due in late January 2021. Yet there is more to hear.

A thriving music catalog

Lovely World’s vinyl collection, Heart In A Cage, was recorded one year ago, just prior to when the word COVID became all too familiar. Tempting both ears and eyes, the EP features intriguing artwork by noted artist and illustrator, Ron English. Amid pandemic protocols, in addition to the EP, Lovely World’s latest song, “Stole My Mind,” from the Dark Spark Music label, has something perhaps best described as a classic rock feel wafting through the speakers.

The intro to “Stole My Mind,” like Lovely World, is guitar driven. Just a chorded electric six-string begins the song until the lead vocals enter at :12 into the 2:58 cut. The full band joins in at :25, creating a comfortable pace. When the vocals let loose, the guitar leads kick in and the rhythm battery gears up, parallels with traditions created by Zeppelin, Black Crowes and other greats become understandable. Lovely World clearly comes across as a serious music contender.

With three consecutive singles planned for release, the next song from Lovely World, “Soul Of A Saint,” is available Jan. 21, 2021.

In good hands

Playing up to the surrounding level of professionalism is a general truth often heard. No wonder Lovely World is moving in the right direction. In addition to possessing talent, musicianship and a genuine commitment to play, Lovely World is managed by veteran industry executive (Guns n’ Roses, Poison, Faster Pussycat, June Carter Cash, Damian Sage) and Dark Spark Music founder, Vicki Hamilton. Regarding Lovely World and the widespread problems resulting from the pandemic, Hamilton proudly asserts, “They’ve been doing really great, even more so when we’re caught in the eye of the storm.”


Lovely World is Landon Rojas – lead vocals; Cade Rojas – drums; Cameron Smith – guitar; and Michael Gilbert – bass.

For more, please visit Lovely World’s official site.


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