Shunia: Music For A Fresh Start

Duo offers inspiration, purpose and respite with transcendent songs  

Shunia-jpg.comFFO: Mantras, Chants, Intercultural Creativity

Getting centered and maintaining concentration currently requires a bit more energy than before the pandemic struck. But there is a way to battle COVID fatigue on a personal level, while feeling good physically and spiritually. Taking a distinctly proactive approach, the music of Shunia can help channel emotions and open pathways which bring about independent motivation. In other words, a rewarding listening experience. But this is merely the beginning of the story.

Balance and understanding

The songs and accompanying videos from the band Shunia tend to stir the interest of listeners, leading to subtle but strong, newfound mindfulness. For instance, on the band’s website, the 4:12 “Breeze At Dawn,” begins with a lone instrument and voice serving up repeated rhythmic phrasings that whir with artful energy and resonance. Watching the video, soothing atmospheric scenery and the duo’s beautiful shimmering vocal work are sublime and reflective. Additional category tags might include hypnotic or even mystic.

Other highlights from Shunia include “Akal,” where the band’s ideas about polyculturural rhythms are seamlessly woven throughout the cut. The singing is ethereal, almost sacred in tone and mood. Keeping with more of a direct, hallowed feel, try “Alleluia,” for meditation. Elsewhere, “Sa Re Sa Sa,” conveys an East meets West blend.

*The new album from Shunia is available Jan. 15, 2021. *

About the artists

Shunia is singers Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson. According to the band’s website, “Every movement, Shunia-jpg.comand muscle have ripple effects on everything else.” But Lisa and Suzanne’s idea goes beyond embracing relativity. The duo explains how the state of Shunia implies “stillness, receptivity. A stillness of power, not passivity…” As far as the music goes, add expertise, performance and superb arrangements to the list.

Shunia presents a listening experience beyond normal expectations, including an introspective appeal which feels exactly right for a New Year’s resolution. Then again, just enjoying the music is another year-round option.

For more please visit:

Official Shunia Site


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