Shunia’s Self-Titled Album, Interview: A Celebration Of Divine Energy And Peace

Duo’s new collection features global musicians, sacred chants and a transcendent listening path

FFO: Chants, Mantras, Intercultural, World, New Age, Yoga

Finding a new year and a new sense of self can be realized as more than just a convenient slogan. Often elusive, personal revitalization and beyond is one step closer while enveloped by the music of Shunia. Vocalists and composers, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson are Shunia. The band’s current single, “’Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru,” radiates perceptual pleasure and harmony. Shunia offers enthusiasts something different in the way of music, toward a complete listening experience.

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Polycultural rhythms, melodies rendered ethereal and a variety of worldwide music characterize the songs from Shunia. The duo’s eponymous new album lives up to the same global fascination, original harmonies and perspectives, including the track ”Har Hare Hari Wahe Guru.” In addition, previously released favorites presenting the same fervor include among others, “Breeze At Dawn.”

Recently, welcomed the opportunity to connect with Shunia.

An interview with of Lisa Reagan of Shunia Your vocals are beautiful and at times meditative. In the studio, do you record the vocal parts separately or as a duo?

Lisa Reagan: We recorded most of the vocals separately, but Suzanne and I were in the same room together we gave guidance and suggestions to each other.

How is the new album both calming and soul-stirring?

I think you can feel grounded and calm and at the same time, in awe of the glory of creation. The meaning of Shunia is zero point, where your mind clears to nothing but is connected even more profoundly to the divine energy. It lets your soul have the voice, while the mind can take a break. It’s truly being in the present moment. I believe this opens the heart and that is truly soul stirring.

Who arranged and produced your new self-titled album?

Jamshied Sharifi. I had heard some of his work on other chant albums. He produced Snatam Kaur’s album, Beloved, which was nominated for the 2019 Best New Age Album Grammy. But when we met him, he turned out to be so much more than just that. Jamshied has composed the scores for feature films and television shows. He has worked with many different types of artists: Paula Cole, Ray Charles, Dream Theater, Laurie Anderson and has albums of his own. He’s done orchestrations for Broadway and won the 2018 Tony Award for orchestrating The Band’s Visit. He’s so incredibly musical. But I think his magic power is his heart. Working with him has really helped us expand as artists.

Shunia-jpg.comOften suggesting something beyond the physical world, do you feel the music of Shunia also embraces a new age category tag?

Yes, however I would say it’s both in the world music and new age music genres.

How does yoga influence your music?

Each one of the mantra chants has a mudra, or hand gesture, that goes with it. These mudras create certain energy patterns in the body that enhance the power of the chant. Classical singing and chanting both vibrate the body. That vibration creates an energy flow that can align the chakras.

We must ask, how has the COVID situation affected both of you?

It’s brought us both inward. It’s been interesting releasing an album during this time. We always felt there was a purpose for this album and dealing with this pandemic is part of that purpose.

What is ahead for Shunia?

Hopefully, the virus will be behind us soon and we will be able perform and teach in person. Our main goal is for Shunia to bring peace to thousands of people. Personally, our goals are to bring this genre of chant to people around the world. For more, please visit:

Shunia Official Link Tree Connection


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