Alex James Brierley: Earning Admiration With 2 Stunning New Tracks

Alex James Musician releases first pair of songs in a series planned throughout 2021

Alex James Brierley-jpg.comFFO: Rock, Alt Rock

Welcoming the early calendar with outstanding new music, Alex James Brierley’s “Go With The Flow” and “Icy Cold” have a more aggressive rock appeal than ever before. Favoring an alternative category tag, the two cuts have a strong character and atmosphere, yet comparatively different than the artist’s prior work. Released through the Intense Pulse label, here is why.

Immersed in the music

Listening to the first ten seconds of the intro for Alex James Brierley’s 3:39 “Go With The Flow,” available Jan. 29, 2021, the alternative description is understood and well earned. A high-pitched, slightly feedback-ish squeal is like a beacon, summoning attention right off the bat. As the song progresses, the music enters, getting increasingly louder while mixed over a stretched-out, fading introduction. The music unfurls at a measured speed, adding ambience and style.

The arrangement is a lead-in to Brierley’s vocals, gritty but accessible. From the artist’s upcoming album, Riding Horses Over Yellow Glass, accentuation and delivery during “Go With The Flow” provide some of the singer’s distinction. The music grooves with a jamming energy that at times borders on trippy; AJB’s vocals are a perfect fit. Everything moves in sync, but not too far out. Listen closely for the guitar leads, as well.Alex James

Then there were two

The second track from Brierley, “Icy Cold,” drives with a funky bassline, rhythmic guitar chording and a metrical drum beat. Here and there, terrific synth fills add to the 3:38 recording’s musical persona. This time, Brierley’s range and attitude lend an FM-radio presence. Comparisons with perhaps Duran Duran are quite understandable. Brierley’s polished ways are hard to miss.

A certain type of edginess exists in both of Brierley’s latest songs. Though “Go With The Flow” and “Icy Cold” might move, to some extent, in different stylistic directions, each song stands alone in respective appeal. Production is as complementary as musicianship from start to finish. As far as playlists go, Alex James Brierley is prime listening.

Alex James

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