Alex James Brierley’s ‘Live Up To It Yourself’: EP Suggests A Particular Message

Recording artist’s new three-track single adds up to a full 5-song concept

FFO: Alternative Pop Rock

No wonder Alex James Brierley has appeared on BBC Introducing for more than six years. Just one listen to “Live Up To It Yourself” and enthusiasts will find out why Brierley is in such demand. The accompanying YouTube video also is exciting, while showcasing the expressive dimensions Brierley occupies. As a three track single, “Live Up To It Yourself,” released Feb. 18, 2022, stands both alone and in fulfillment of Brierley’s EP.

Over the course of Alex James Brierley’s career, the musician has developed a multi-faceted capacity for performance, recording and direction.

Listening from beginning to end of the single “Live Up To It Yourself” provides a trio of cuts, including the title track, the rocked out “I Am To Blame” and  “Riding Horses Over Yellow Grass.” Recording production and sound quality are first rate. With lyrics and music written by Brierley, all things considered, it is hard to believe the British-based artist still has time to raise funds for charitable foundations and supporting good causes. But he does that and more.   

The video for the track “Live Up To It Yourself” provides a terrific gateway to Brierley’s music. The visuals have a somewhat cinematic feel against the song, while a small screen television often adds to the narrative, including cartoons, real life scenes of the artist and live band shots. From the looks of things, Brierley is wielding a Fender® Tele. Speaking of guitars, the brief solo at 1:30 is funky yet smooth.

The two-song single, “Go With The Flow,” released Jan. of 2021, also contains the track “Icy Cold.” Reviewing the titles, “Go With The Flow,” “Live Up To It Yourself” and “I Am To Blame” all exude a similar concept in the lyrics, instrumentation and presentation.

In addition, outside the recording studio, remember to look for Brierley’s live concert dates.   

****Read about “Go With The Flow” and “Icy Cold.”***

For more about the artist and the music, please visit Alex James Brierley’s official links.


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