In Earnest Releases Pet Friendly Double Single: ‘Your Dog’ b/w ‘Good Boy’


New Songs communicate affection for cherished companions

In Earnest-jpg.comFFO: Alt, Indie, Pet Lovers

Taking stock of life and loved ones is understandable and probably more widespread than ever over the last year. The embodiment of that fondness, COVID or not, is often held in pets. Sensitive, musical and typically candid in songwriting and performance, In Earnest’s latest is a loving homage to two favorite canines and more.

Presently and past

The beginning of a twin bill available Mar. 12, 2021, In Earnest gets right down to things with the 3:24 “Your Dog.” A brief intro of beautifully picked acoustic strings is soon followed by vocals, gently responsive and pleasant. The guitar and voices are synced in friendship and tone, lending an inviting listening quality no matter the speaker size or headphones. The analog recorder used in capturing the singing, done from the living room, adds to the song’s warmth. A true team effort, “Your Dog” features Sarah Holburn and Thomas Eatherton on vocals, with multi-instrumentalist Toby Shaer. All Together, the triumvirate is In Earnest.

“Your Dog” suggests how things would be if pets could talk. According to In Earnest, the conversation, or in this case the lyrics include, “Do you think about your parents/Or the island where you were born.” The track is written about Murph, the band’s current beloved four-legged colleague. Being the delicate souls they are, loyalty runs deep with In Earnest. Reflecting on the band’s previous dog Doug, the trio conveys the anguish of losing a pet during the 2:59 “Good Boy.” About a treasured presence now gone, the title alone lets enthusiasts know the sentiment is poignant.

An ode of heart melting sadness wrapped in a devoted reminiscence, the singing and piano during “Good Boy” are subtle yet filled with touching spirit. A wonderful mix of instruments, enhancing the moodiness and message, peaks at about 2:30. Surely “Good Boy” and “Your Dog” are not just for pet lovers.

Though COVID restrictions seem to be never ending, while maintaining proper social distancing protocols, In Earnest hosts private virtual performances. 

For more, please visit the official homepage for In Earnest.


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