Henrikes’ ‘Vintage Love’: A Melodic Universe Awaits

Duo’s song touches on a ‘Thelma And Louise’ moment after meeting outward expectations

FFO: Pop, Electro Pop, Power Pop, Synths

Available now on the Deadly Records music label, analog synthesizers, a passion for retroactive drum machine patterns and beautifully delivered chord tones convey the message of “Vintage Love,” the latest from Henrikes. Yet, this barely begins to scratch the surface of creativity from the duo. The band has a particular cinematic character, influenced by intense music scores. But there is more to “Vintage Love,” by Henrikes.

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While watching the animated video for “Vintage Love,” the third single from a forthcoming EP, a woman speeding down the road with white line fever communicates a message of being fed up. While the red sports car motors down the highway, the destination could be anywhere. Riding into the sunset with one arm nonchalantly resting out the window, with cactuses zooming by, it seems the driver does not give a damn anymore. The visuals nicely match the music.

On the instrumentation side, during the 3:44 track, the synths render a pleasant listening texture. The bigger the speakers and sub-woofer the better. At :39, “Vintage Love” takes full shape, typically radiating lush audio signals. Meanwhile, the vocal work offers wistful harmonies. But the song also is about expressing intense feelings, emphasized in the lyrics, “Let’s not go back to where we started/just let it be/let go of history.”   

Henrikes is vocalist/writer Josefin Henriques and producer/writer Marta Grauers. About “Vintage Love,” Henriques explains, “What inspired the writing was the experience of truly having enough of trying to be what somebody else expects from you. Especially as a woman the roles you are expected to play can be quite narrow.”

According to the band, “Darkness, hope, love and nostalgia” each has a place in “Vintage Love.” Sentimentality clearly is part of the idea, adding to the track’s accessibility. 

“Vintage Love” is recorded at Cosmos Music Studio, Stockholm, Sweden. Produced by Marta Grauers.

For more, please visit:

Henrikes official web page

Deadly Records


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