Modesty Blaise Releases First Album In 20 Years

Premiere power pop band’s ‘The Modesty Blaise’ available on the European label From LoFi To Disco

FFO: Pop, Power Pop, Avant Pop, Alternative Pop, Rock

With strong melodies and witty lyrics, think of The Modesty Blaise, from Modesty Blaise, as advanced pop, offering something special and deserving discovery. For instance, “Come Lie Beside Me,” suggests a dose of Velvet Underground is in the air. The tempo is measured but the musical depth is there for the taking. The music and the story of Modesty Blaise is anything but ordinary.

Engaged in the music

Paying close attention to the lyrics during The Modesty Blaise adds to the listening pleasure. The words are accessible, coherent and amusing, including the line “I’ll be your true acolyte,” from “Come Lie Beside Me.” The 2:43 cut is melodic, while exuding an Avant pop draw. Check out the stylized psychedelic video. Another highlight, from the 11-song collection, “Rollerdisco,” delivers a 70s music treatment which grooves with dance energy.

Also, from The Modesty Blaise, “Pink Champagne On Mars” takes off for space while the vocals transmit a far-off quality, adding to the cleverness. “And The Lights Went Out All Over Town” succeeds in providing creativity in a literal yet musical manner. Which songs from The Modesty Blaise qualify as favorites, listeners will have to decide.

More to the point

The story of Modesty Blaise began two decades ago with the Bristol, England-based group’s debut single, “Christina Terrace.” Recorded with mega-selling “A Girl Like You” rocker Edwyn Collins, a string of acclaimed singles followed, despite some personnel changes.     

The Modesty Blaise lineup is Jonny Collins – vocals; David W. Brown – bass; Gregory Jones – guitars; Mark Bradley – drums; Alastair Jenkins – guitars; and Roger MacDuff – violins.

Mixing for The Modest Blaise done at Klangfabrik Frankfurt by Jorn Elling Wuttke.

For more, please visit the official Modesty Blaise Web Site.


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