Saved By Skarlet’s Summer Concert Season Well Underway

Saved By

Band continues pushing hard in local and regional music scenes

FFO: Hard Rock, Rock

Making up for lost time from the situation at large, Saved By Skarlet is hot on the trail of several popular music venues, serving up original songs and warm weather fun. For fans of the North Smithfield, Rhode Island-based band, the group’s current full-length album, Out Of Darkness, is familiar hard rock territory. Meanwhile, outside the studio, Saved By Skarlet’s songs translate to exciting performances for established enthusiasts as well as new friends.

The calendar says

Having recently ripped things up at Maine’s River Rock Music Festival, the current Saved By Skarlet concert itinerary includes headlining the Youth Concert on Jul. 17, 2021, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts with rapper Lamar opening the 2PM show. The concert features an outdoor stage for a full-fledged warm weather music celebration.

Additionally, concert goers can catch Saved By Skarlet during August at SoulFest 2021 in Gilford, New Hampshire. With scenic outdoor surroundings as a natural backdrop, celebrating “music, love and action,” in addition to SBS, acts include War Of Ages, Casting Crowns, Jen Aldana, Oh, Sleeper, Hannah Dawber and others.

With a persuasive hard rock presence, live and in the studio, Saved By Skarlet strives to be a positive influence among the music community and beyond.

Saved By Skarlet is Nate Middleton – lead vocalist; Matt Middleton – lead guitarist, background vocals; Alex Hare – rhythm guitarist; Adam Chenier – drums; and Benjamin Andrews – featured screamer.       

Visit the official Saved By Skarlet web site.


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