The Banshees Continue To Impress With New Music

Band releases tenth single, ‘4AM’

FFO: English Indie, Rock, Pop

Finding purpose among the apprehension and frustration created by COVID, during the pandemic, The Banshees started recording in-house instead of outsourcing. While in the studio, the duo discovered and developed a distinct two-man music style realized as the Liverpool-based band’s latest song “4AM.” Eager music aficionados searching for a summer playlist highlight, take a listen and look at The Banshees’ “4AM.”

Immersed in the music

Available Jul. 2, 2021, rhythmic guitar strumming sets the pace during the intro of the single “4AM” from The Banshees. Also released as a YouTube video, moving with a club friendly vitality, at :13 the vocals, tempo and tone combine for a grabbing sound often featuring “retro synth arpeggios.” The larger the speakers the better because the 3:59 track is danceable and alive within a driving pop pulse. On the beach, in the club, or travelling the streets, “4AM” has that certain listening appeal.

The video for “4AM” conveys selected trippyness and a restless nightlife mixed with celestial awareness, all governed by a journey of the mind. Colors and trails combine with the imagery for a one foot in and one foot out of reality feeling. Meanwhile, lyrics reveal a central message repeated several times in the words, “Everybody needs to feel like somebody/No one wants to be nobody/Work it out/You gotta work it out.”

The Banshees are Vinny Pereira – vocals, guitar; and Paul Anthony Holligan – lead guitar.

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Singles from The Banshees, including “4AM,” are available on several platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

For more, please visit The Banshees official website.


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