Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels’ ‘Muddy Banks’: An Evocative Confrontation

Song narrative unfolds within ominous music video

FFO: Rock, Alt Rock

The music video for “Muddy Banks,” by Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels, suggests a menacing tale. Furthermore, the audio and visual production stand out as polished and vibrant. The group’s masked gunslinger logo briefly appears before the video breaks and the action begins. Aided by a slow but tympanic-like music rhythm, the footage suggests a cinematic feel. Merely :57 in, the “Muddy Banks” video conveys a feeling that something is brewing here. But there is more.

Music and score  

As the video for “Muddy Banks” opens, a scruffy, bearded man drives a red and white pickup truck along a gravel road, appearing as if on a mission, but seemingly not from heaven. The troubling look on the person’s face reeks of anticipation. Meanwhile, the music retains a movielike feel as the driver exits the truck, retrieves a handgun from the back of the bed and begins walking. At 1:11, acoustic guitar begins playing as the band enters, readied with the full gist of the music and plotline. While the group plays outdoors in the midst of amplifier cabinets, the footage cuts away to frontman Bret Allen, who at times resembles the classic Western hired gun Paladin, walking through the forest. Eventually, the pickup truck driver and the musician meet near the riverbank. To find out what happens, viewers will have to check out the video.

While the plotline unfurls, Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels, or BATNR, sync up to the action in an unmistakable music signature. Two guitars, bass, drums and keyboard drive the point home. In addition to the playing, the vocals are dramatic and add to the Spokane, Washington band’s musical accent.

Personnel and credits

Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels are Bret Allen, Lau Olesen, Jeffery Shell, Billy Drywater, Mercury Hendrix and Leo McLaughlin.

The video for “Muddy Banks” features Ryan Breithaupt – as The Killer; Bret Allen – as The Victim; Devin Hammett – Bret Allen’s Double. Produced by Leo McLaughlin and Bret Allen; Directed by Bret Allen; Cinematography – Bryce Cain.

For more about the Muddy Banks EP, please visit the official Bret Allen & The Northern Rebels web page.

Brett Allen And The Northern


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