The Suncharms’ ‘Liquid Through My Hands’ Emerges On New Compilation

'Something Beautiful'

Song appears as part of Chicago indie pop/rock label collection

FFO: Pop, Indie Pop, Jangle Pop

Flowing with a comfortable, soothing influence, “Liquid Through My Hands,” from The Suncharms, hits the spot, emitting warmth and even nostalgia, especially when the vocals gently blend into the mix. From the anthology Something Beautiful, released by Sunday Records and featuring several bands, The Suncharms also appear on a bonus track. But there is more to see and hear.

About the music

Chicago, Illinois-based Sunday Records has released Something Beautiful, an eight-song compilation available on  CD and as a digital album. Enthusiasts will find two extra tracks on the CD and a 12” color vinyl version due Nov. 11, 2021. As for listening, from The Official Sunday Records Bandcamp store, The Suncharms’ proved to be the initial attention getter.

The 4:04 “Liquid Through My Hands” is securely measured in an enjoyable time signature and fully accessible. Unassuming guitar leads move in and out, while the rhythm section maintains the pulse. At :22 the vocals begin, anchoring the mood. The enduring sensitivity of the melody and the band’s performance lend to the song’s appeal. A bit longer than typical pop songs, going over the four-minute recording mark is indication of The Suncharms penchant for instrumentation and authenticity. Remember to look for the band’s “Monster Club (Remix)” as a bonus track.  

Other highlights to check out from Something Beautiful are Strawberry Generation’s “Soundtrack,” Mariana In Our Heads’ “Next Night” and “Feathers,” from Starry Eyed Cadet. There are other titles and bands to discover and perhaps support on the Sunday Records’ compilation.

'Something Beautiful'

For more, please visit The Official Sunday Records Bandcamp page.


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