Shaw Davis & The Black Ties’ ‘Red Sun Rebellion’: Blues Rock Expertise Unleashed

Shaw Davis And The Black

Band merges music influences into explosive guitar-driven originality

FFO: Blues, Hard Rock, Blues Rock

The rhythm section is percussive, the guitar work impeccable and the vocals perfectly fit the bill of Shaw Davis & The Black Ties’ new album, Red Sun Rebellion. The Pompano Beach, Florida-based trio turns in a masterful performance of electric blues rock during Red Sun Rebellion. If the band recorded merely one new song, such as “Black Flagged,” the same admiration still would apply. Yet Shaw Davis and company offer up nine tracks for listening. There is more.

The music

The number of notes played per measure by each musician, the razor-sharp cadence and jabbing leads all indicate these are bandmates who enjoy doing what they do in the recording studio. Checking out Red Sun Rebellion, an amped professionalism oozes from the 3:56 “Black Flagged.” Tone, speed and a fiery persona ring out from lyrics and notes. Perhaps somewhere between Johnny Winter, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and maybe early Aerosmith, “Black Flagged” and the other tracks on Red Sun Rebellion is real music made by real musicians.

A fast-growing favorite, at 3:29, “Heart To Steal” is another quality pick from Red Sun Rebellion, opening with a lo-fi radio scanning the dial before the music finally begins. The guitar tone and time signature stand out before the complete trio kicks in and rocks. Meanwhile, the 4:48 “Higher” is funkier and the 6:15 “If I Stay This Way” blends a softer side, including the fretwork. Another pleasant surprise is Shaw Davis & The Black Ties’ impressive rendition of a blues classic, “Rock Me Baby,” à la Winter’s Still Alive And Well. The song’s recognizable riff is perfectly executed. There are other tracks ready to discover from Shaw Davis & The Black Ties on Red Sun Rebellion.  

Released on the Sony Music/Orchards label, the outstanding production of Red Sun Rebellion is by Grammy-winning producer Paul Nelson, who also produced a number of Johnny Winter albums.

For more about Shaw Davis & The Black Ties, please visit the band’s official page.

Shaw Davis And The Black Ties AP


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