Kandemic’s ‘Load Your Guns’: A Game Of Roulette And Music

Band creates edgy perspective within a reggae flavor  

FFO: Reggae, Reggae Rock

Releasing a new music track on the full moon of every month, the accompanying video for “Load Your Guns,” from Kandemic, evokes an intensity perhaps somewhere between the noted poker movie The Cincinnati Kid and the Russian Roulette scene in The Deer Hunter. Meanwhile, the music of Kandemic plays along as reggae enthusiasm and the footage unfolds. But there is much more to Kandemic and “Load Your Guns.”

Checking in

Shot in black and white, alcohol, guns and a particular temperament are part of the plan as the camera rolls during the video for “Load Your Guns.” With stacks of poker chips and a smoke-filled room in view, curious anticipation takes hold as a generous guitar lead cuts through the mix. The rhythm battery is paced with punchiness and musicianship. With empty bottles scattered about the table, burned out cigarettes resting in shot glasses and skull and cross bones sweat bands on the wrists of a card player, a stylized presence cannot help but spill from the camera lens.  

On the audio side, “Load Your Guns” is rhythmic with a contemporary yet sometimes retro-ish delivery. Describing themselves as “The first intergalactic music collaboration” and having a wall poster indicating a belief in UFOs, during the video, watch for an unusual looking fellow handing off a guitar before quickly leaving. As far as the interstellar description, with bandmembers originally from Helsinki, Milan, Rome and Venice and presently based in Dublin, Ireland, who better qualified to hold that signature than Kandemic. The band’s vocals are carried out in both Italian and English during the song. The audio and visual production for “Load Your Guns” is outstanding.

According to Kandemic’s Facebook page, “Load Your Guns” and other songs from the band are a result and reaction to the COVID pandemic’s endless lockdowns and protocols. Working toward “Free-thinking and a new world view,” “Load Your Guns” is the fifth Kandemic track since Mar. of 2021.

The video for “Load Your Guns” was filmed and edited by GPossa Photography.

For more, please visit the official Kandemic web page.



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