Alba’s ‘I Need A Holiday’: Giving Expression To A Popular Want

Recording artist releases latest in hope of better days

FFO: R&B, Neo Soul, Pop, Singers, Songwriters, Guitars

Feeling inundated by the constant news about vaccines, dangerous variants and endless masking? Overwhelmed from the onslaught of stories about one-sided politics, politicians and the incessant issues at large? Right about now, hitting play for Alba’s “I Need A Holiday” might be the vicarious remedy needed to alleviate these feelings. Produced by edbl, whether medicinal or for sheer listening pleasure, “I Need A Holiday” deserves further recognition. Here is why.                

Checking out the music

At 2:57, “I Need A Holiday” opens with a cool smooth mix before Alba’s vocals begin at :08 into the track. Right away, the production is noticeably clear and warm, while the singer presents a contemporary vocal style and accentuation. Drums, keyboard, guitar and bass are pleasantly separated throughout. Meanwhile, closely listening as Alba sings “Inside my head, inside my head,” the vocals have a melismatic-like quality owing to the singer’s skills.

While listening to “I Need A Holiday” and as the music plays, it becomes clear that performance is another of the track’s strongpoints. Alba establishes an appealing groove while “I Need A Holiday” unfolds as a vehicle for the artist’s music and charm. The singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist is surely multi-talented. Note the Santana-ish guitar lead at 1:48. On the accompanying YouTube video page, due to the pandemic, Alba describes “I Need A Holiday” as “An ode to escapism, figuratively and literally speaking. Quarantine forced me to get acquainted with my deeper feelings and emotions.”

Watching the animated video for “I Need A Holiday,” the nighttime cityscape looks terrific from the window. With vinyl on the turntable, the rain outside adds to a cozy, creative atmosphere inside. Humbucking and a single coil too, notice the guitars.     

Passionate about the environment, social justice and guitars, for more from Alba, please visit the artist’s official page.  

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