Vanilla Base’s ‘Lost Traveler’ Finds A Welcoming Way


Band reaches new perspective amid widespread discovery in latest song

FFO: Rock, Pop, Piano

First reaction to “Lost Traveler” from Vanilla Base suggests a sense of poignancy, depth and longing. From beginning to end the music is subtle yet consistently heartfelt. The melody and atmosphere created by Vanilla Base is a pleasant reminder of how gentle yet artful musicianship stands out from the crowd.

But of course, as far as Vanilla Base goes, there typically is much more.

“Lost Traveler” leads off with warm left- and right-hand piano work as tenderly struck keys set the tone and timing. Distinctly heard through single notes and chords, the instrumentation is embracing, sincere and inviting in an unassuming manner and style. Nevertheless, sentiment pours forth from the pensive piano progressions throughout.  

Raising emotions, at :32 during “Lost Traveler,” like a bird in flight, the singing begins transporting a beautifully, sad melody in the lyrics, “Feel that new breeze/those new sounds of a place/and people you´ve only just found…” There is a certain Steely Dan “Any world that I’m welcome to” quality to Vanilla Base’s sentiment, as if the band discovered a special place, now in a song, namely “Lost Traveler.” A first-person narrative, the 4:27 track is delivered via beautiful singing, conveying a love of people and places within the words, “There’s a world to discover/I wanna keep that drive.” By all means, “Lost Traveler” shows off another side of the Madrid, Spain-based band in a stellar light of humanity and grace.

Checking in with Julie, Quique, Luis, Jesus and Manuel, better known as Vanilla Base, on social media, “Lost Traveler” is from what the group describes as a “1 track album” titled Ascension, while the accompanying artwork includes a modern Vitruvian reference. In addition to the music, eager Vanilla Base enthusiasts should also check out the band’s sneakers.

For more, please visit the official Vanilla Base Bandcamp page.


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