Brian Cattigan’s Latest: ‘I Can’t Be That One You Want’


Guitarist, singer-songwriter’s original track gaining momentum

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Recording solo videos for social media, in addition to appearing with live audiences, Brian Cattigan surely has the music covered from all perspectives, including the artist’s new song, “I Can’t Be That One You Want.” For enthusiasts familiar with the Scottish-based musician, the track shifts a bit, from strictly acoustic singer-songwriter to having more of a rock drive. The 2:25 “I Can’t Be That One You Want” is fun and a terrific listen. Here is why.

Song structure is warm, creating accessibility. 

Available now, drums, guitar strumming, vocals and bass merely begin to describe “I Can’t Be That One You Want,” from Brian Cattigan. The title alone inspires musical curiosity. Fueled by the fretting, the melody is pleasant in perhaps a loose, acoustic Nick Lowe kind of way. This is where the track leans toward a rock side. The guitar chording is lively and rhythmic, blending nicely into the mix, while remaining entirely identifiable. Cattigan often records with a contemporary solo message, yet “I Can’t Be That One You Want” is bumped up a notch or two, especially when the artist responds, “But I want to/but I want to.”   

Taking a look on YouTube, typically pictured beneath wall posters including The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, Cattigan knows how to spin an acoustic tale through a familiar song. For instance, capo’d at the third fret, “Fairytale of New York,” made famous by The Pogues, features a gentler yarn of stanzas and music. Also, among Cattigan’s video discography, a sincere rendition of U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

For more, please visit Brian Cattigan’s official song page.


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