Donna De Lory’s ‘Gone Beyond’: Mindfulness In A Nonphysical Realm

Esteemed artist immersed in spiritual breadth and performance with new recording  

FFO: Wellness, Meditation, Yoga, Devotional Mantras

Offering peaceful awareness and enlightenment over chaos, with a New Age distinction, multi-instrumental singer, songwriter and producer Donna De Lory has released Gone Beyond, an eight-track album rich in presence and insight. A backup singer and dancer with Madonna for 20 years, De Lory’s defining spirit has evolved from a pop and dance zeitgeist to one of creativity via mindfulness. The result is Gone Beyond.

Finding a way to listeners’ hearts and consciousness through wellness and oneness in music.

Speaking medicinally, Gone Beyond is a positive, perhaps even liberating force, having a variety of listening applications. For devotional yoga enthusiasts, the recording artist’s collection presents a selection of tracks just right for that purpose. Where focusing concentration is the objective, Gone Beyond helps foster a conducive atmosphere in getting to the farther side. According to De Lory, “I wanted to make a record that would be good for so many different experiences. Yoga class, standing on top of a mountain, sacred ceremonies, healing….”

In hitting play for Gone Beyond, “Om Gate Gate Paragate” immediately stands out as a fast-growing favorite. Musical tone and texture dominate from the opening notes of the 8:51 track. By :20 into the song, a humble, almost sacred ambiance begins flowing from the speakers and later on, equally a second time through headphones. A wonderful soundscape brings to mind King Crimson’s “Matte Kudasai.” Closely listen for De Lory’s magnificent voice to emerge ever so gently. When De Lory’s singing is distinctly realized, attention grows inevitable. Production is incredibly seamless.

Playing through the album, the 7:08 “Mary Meditation” is an amazing vocal performance suggesting contemplative depth. But as far as emitting vibrations that travel far, the opening track, “So Hum/Breathing In” is the way to go. Of course, listeners themselves will have to decide the highlights from Gone Beyond.

For Gone Beyond, Donna De Lory collaborated with bassist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, King Crimson); percussionist Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Stevie Nicks); cellist Jami Sieber; guitarist James Harrah (Huey Lewis); guitarist Gerry Leonard (David Bowie); guitarist Greg Leisz (k.d. lang, Beck, Eric Clapton); and mix master Kevin Killen (Elvis Costello, David Bowie, Suzanne Vega).     

De Lory’s combined understanding, evolution and approach to music is a story unto itself, realized in Gone Beyond. De Lory can be seen and heard in Madonna’s Truth or Dare and with Madge’s Who’s That Girl, Blonde Ambition, Girlie Show, Drowned World, Reinvention and Confession concert tours. In addition to topping the Billboard Dance Chart by way of the singer’s own work, the multi-faceted talent is heard on famed albums from Bette Midler, Leonard Cohen, Belinda Carlisle, Carly Simon, Selena and more. On the big screen, listen for Donna De Lory in the films A League of Their Own, Smallfoot and The Switch.

For more about the artist and the music, please visit Donna De Lory’s official web page and remember to check out Gone Beyond.


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