Beaux King’s ‘Kidnapped’: Flawlessly Captivated By A Toxic Love

Technique, personality and visuals reign supreme during new song, music video

FFO: Pop Jazz, Indie Pop

Recording artist and songwriter Beaux King is charismatically front and center during the singer’s latest release, “Kidnapped,” which includes an equally irresistible YouTube video. Musically, the approach is as honest as things get, just the vocalist and a great melody. King is accompanied by the dulcet, single cutaway humbucker guitar tones of Hunter Pea. The artist’s voice and the player’s strings blend for an artful combination and a message.         

Style of expression and a genuinely felt performance evoke an intriguing musical presence.

In merely the first 20 seconds of the 3:15 video for “Kidnapped,” Beaux King cleverly communicates a brief but seemingly serious beginning, simply conveyed through terse lips, followed by a lighter feeling, eyes wide in a pleasant countenance. Meanwhile, the vocal introduction has a modern melismatic feel. As the track progresses, a jazz tag often comes to mind before taking a sophisticated pop direction. All things considered, “Kidnapped” is soulful, blue and authentic. But there is more.

Available now, in addition to the impeccable sound and video production, within the lyrics to “Kidnapped,” listen for the inescapable passion and reflections about finding love and remaining faithful to yourself. The track even evokes an awareness of toxic, negative infatuations. According to King, “…at the end of the day, you have to be equally in love with yourself in order to truly love someone else. You don’t need someone else to fulfill your happiness.”

In a proactive approach regarding control and creativity, King has released “Kidnapped” on the singer’s own independent record label, Beaux Entertainment, with the support of artist development partners OC Hit and DNT Entertainment. “Kidnapped,” King’s second single, follows “Naked,” released in May.       

“Kidnapped” executive producer – OC Hit; written and composed by Kendall Kingdeski (also known as Beaux King) and Robbie Dean; vocal producer – Gabby Neeley; mixed and mastered by Composer. Video – @danithompsonmusic.


For more about the artist and the music, please be sure to visit Beaux King’s official web site.


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