In Earnest’s ‘Reasons To Stay Alive’ Video: Short Film Goes A Long Way

Band releases accompaniment to cycling 6-track song collection

FFO: Alternative Independent Rock

The YouTube video preview for Reasons To Stay Alive, from In Earnest, begins with the trio looking out toward the open water, though creativity and lyrics suggest an innermost reflection, realized through engaging sights and sound. Shot in six days, the authentic footage and original songs have an inviting ease of access viewing consistency. Sentiment complements the songwriting and accompanying video for Reasons To Stay Alive.  

Seamless, synchronized production, both audio and visual, provides a flowing, uninterrupted process of moving from one track to another.  

Premiering Nov. 4, 2021, watching and listening to the short film, Reasons To Stay Alive, provides of a 22:12 glimpse into the background of In Earnest. The editing, production and music join together for a comfortable storytelling pace. While greens and greys typically prevail, colorful flowers make brief appearances along the way as the three musicians travel around the group’s hometown of Southend-On-Sea, England. Inspired by the work of author Matt Haig, songs from the EP Reasons To Stay Alive help bring the screen to life with an understanding that at times, reality can be sad. First up, “The Days In Between,” exemplifies that perspective in lyrics and melody.

Listen closely as “The Days In Between” artfully transitions to the next song, “I Feel Alone Even If I’m Not,” without a break in the music. That same effortless change follows each of the six songs. On the EP, available now, after the last track, the music loops back to the start, repeating the entire sequence over again. According to the band, “ We wrote these songs to document our personal highs and lows over the past couple of years…”

In Earnest is Sarah Holburn, Tom Eatherton and Toby Shaer.

For more about Reasons To Stay Alive, please visit the official In Earnest website.


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