Gods Of Decay: New Music On Sliptrick Records

Band readied for single followed by full length ‘Collective Psychosis’ album

FFO: Post Grunge, Gothic Metal

Channeling creativity through a contemporary metal purge, Gods Of Decay presents a thoroughly original sound and atmosphere on the Tokyo-based trio’s first album, Collective Psychosis. From the Sliptrick Records label, the 13-song collection, available Dec. 7, 2021, currently as a pre-order, includes the band’s latest, a title track single set for Nov. 26, 2021. While listening to the music and watching the videos, the only logical conclusion making sense, there is only one Gods Of Decay.

Aggressive purpose and musicianship combines with melody lines and lyrics for imaginative results.

Songs from Collective Psychosis include the YouTube video for “Suffocate You,” which was released in August. Merely :35 into the 3:30 music video, Gods Of Decay go from a heavy breathing intro to ethereal vocals followed by hardcore metal. But then again, the Gods forte embraces a variety of ideas. A force unto itself, with frets on fire, “Suffocate You” offers a high-powered viewing and listening experience. Sinister, stylized, amped-up and typically driven by execrated tendencies, counting death growls, according to the band’s YouTube channel, the “Suffocate You” video highlights a “love-hate relationship with elements of paranormal.”  

The video for “Suffocate You” does a terrific job of blending reality with the often-stylized Gods Of Decay goth like metal world. Performance, aggression and catharsis ring out from the visuals as well as the music. Video and audio production are excellent.  

Gods Of Decay are Anna – vocals; Frost – guitar; and Yorke – bass. All lyrics written by Anna; music composed by Frost and Anna; programming by Yorke.

For more about Gods Of Decay, please visit the band’s official site.

Also visit Sliptrick Records.

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