Laszlo Jones ‘Save My Soul’ Video: A Measure Of Sardonic Certainty

Beirut-based artist releases new music video from ‘Beyond The Door’ EP

FFO: Rock, Pop, Alternative

Watching the accompanying video for “Save My Soul,” from multi-instrumental singer, composer and producer Laszlo Jones, the music begins with just the artist and a forlorn but rhythmic piano until :46, when the 2:54 track moves to almost a stop time signature. Taking a poke at the human condition with a bit of an ironic perspective, Jones sings directly over the piano chords, pausing between each phrase, adding emphasis and a distinct style. There is more.

The artist looks beyond typical songwriting awareness, reflected in the original lyrics, music and YouTube video.

Available now, from the EP Beyond The Door, “Save My Soul” earns kudos for songwriting, arrangement and performance as Jones’ creativity emerges with a deeply felt feeling during the listening experience. Adding to a great vocal approach, the words, “I’ve lived a life I’d never live again,” make for an attention getting line. The singer’s inflections and melody add to the musicianship. According to Jones, the songs from Beyond The Door bring to mind “A futuristic dark world, tinged with rage and a certain realism.”

Meanwhile, the video for “Save My Soul” features Laszlo Jones’ unique viewpoint via a passenger bus and an eccentric group of portrayals. Outside, a passing signpost says “Heaven 220km,” while inside the bus, look for a quick glimpse of a metal body resonator guitar resting upright, alone on a seat. As the story visually unfurls, Jones is pictured throughout the imagery, which culminates towards a revealing ending. Perhaps somewhere between riding the highway to hell and gallows humor, watching the video to the finish is key in getting Jones’ point.

For more about Laszlo Jones and the music, please visit the artist’s official site.



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