Pauley Lane Band’s ‘The Long Road Back’: Music’s Self-Revealing Side

Musician turns life pages into new 7-song collection

FFO: Rock & Roll, Americana

The Long Road Back is the perfect album title for a tenacious talent harboring a heart of gold. Wyatt Pauley, founder and frontman for the Pauley Lane Band, expresses ideas and emotions about what the veteran guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer views as a way to combat stagnation and mediocrity on the local music scene. From In-Ex Records, blending a variety of styles, The Long Road Back is here to stay.     

Perspective, technique and arrangement add to the objective in creating The Long Road Back.     

A member of the 1990s Billboard charting band Linear, among Wyatt Pauley’s credits, the Florida-based artist has recorded and toured with King Bria while opening for Hootie and the Blowfish, Brother Cane and others, before releasing a string of independent albums, including the latest, The Long Road Back.

Perhaps best defining the Americana tag from The Long Road Back, “El Mujerejio” has plenty of fretwork while the 4:51 track evokes a thorough rock and roll ethic within a consistent time signature and amusing lyrics and phrases. Next up, the 3:48 “Friend of a Friend” suggests different musical styles via acoustic and electric guitars. Meanwhile, “FunkU,” also at 3:48, leans more toward polished pop rock stylings. Closely listening, “Good Bye” calls to mind a pleasant “Jeepster for your love” flow with an affinity for a Wah pedal effect. Other songs from The Long Road Back are open for discovery. Of course, Pauley Lane Band aficionados will ultimately have to decide which particular songs fall under the heading of personal favorites.

Sometimes the message behind the music involves digging a little bit deeper. Scratching the surface on PLB’s The Long Road Back, the song list has an organic person-to-person feel, which is emblematic and to an extent revealing of Pauley. For instance, looking at the titles “El Mujerejio,” “Friend of a Friend,” “Good Bye,” “On 2 U,” “Parted” and “FunkU,” all imply connections to at least one other person in some way. In other words, instead of creating tracks, say, about driving fast cars, current politics, or maybe foreign wars, the songs on The Long Road Back directly relate to people.

Some well-adept independent musicians have been enlisted for Pauley Lane Band’s The Long Road Back. Bringing the music to completion, the personnel and skills of the players include Wyatt Pauley (guitarist, songwriter, producer, vocalist); Steve Styles (bass guitarist, keyboardist, lead vocalist); The Delerium Trees’ Drew Jarvie (multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist) and Steve Barker (guitarist, producer); and Tokyo, Japan-based Jam-Tako’s Akane (vocalist), Miki (keyboardist, vocalist) and Jun (drums, backing vocalist, guitarist, bassist.)                     

For more about Pauley Lane Band’s The Long Road Back, please visit the band’s official site. 

Be sure to visit In-Ex Records.

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