Ethan Sak’s ‘Lonely Life’ Song: A Far-Reaching Consideration With Consequences

Compelling cut and accompanying lyric video lead up to forthcoming ‘Blue’ album 

FFO: Pop Alt, Alternative Rock, Concept Albums

As social distancing restrictions ease in different places, consequences of the pandemic continue to be felt, including suicide. The invisible presence is currently thriving, able to strike most anywhere. Meanwhile, created during the height of quarantines and protocols, available now, Ethan Sak has released the single “Lonely Life,” from the upcoming and aptly titled full length album Blue. The music is fueled by the artist’s descent into despair, self-doubt and ensuing realization.

“Lonely Life,” the fourth of five singles from Blue, is a lyrical and musical expression of Ethan Sak’s inner strength.

Hitting play, “Lonely Life” begins with an acoustic guitar, the singer and a lonely bird chirping in the background, lending to a starkness that conveys the solitary sadness in the song’s title. At first, Sak’s vocals are equally austere. The tone of the recording artist’s singing brings an unmistakable seriousness to the message. When Sak sings, “I’m invincible” twice in a row, a particular vulnerability stands out. Production is clear and accessible.

At 2:10 into “Lonely Life,” the vocals become louder, the track musically fuller, signaling a change in status. The words “I’m invincible” seem to loom even larger as the song develops. With a measured drumbeat solidifying the time, “Lonely Life” transitions to full arrangement before returning to less emphasis. Watching the video for “Lonely Life,” created at Sak’s hometown in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, only adds to the experience. The video was made at what Sak refers to as “The Cabin.” Right away, a kind of front porch frankness comes to mind. According to Sak, “I tried to convey a message of hope through the recognition of sadness and feel that if I can express my emotions through a song, in a way, I’ve conquered the emotion.”

“Lonely Life” is written, arranged, produced and performed by Ethan Sak. The “Lonely Life” video is also directed and produced by Sak. Look for Blue in 2022.

For more, please visit the official site for Ethan Sak.



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