The Vonics – ‘Goodbye’: Plenty Of Power, Punch And Polish

West Midlands, England-based band releases new horn accentuated track    

FFO: Alternative Power Pop Rock

Watching the video on social media for The Vonics’ “Goodbye,” guitars, bass, drums and lead vocals exude a balance of energy achieved through sight and sound. Fully steeped in the present, the five piece group also suggests something timeless, especially after seeing the tweed-ish guitar amp (probably a Fender® Blues Junior and a favorite of the lead guitarist) and feeling the exciting atmosphere. The band’s passion for creating original music is easily heard throughout “Goodbye.”

The Vonics is a multi-talented group with a rousing enthusiasm that crosses over several music styles, earning a power pop rock signature.

The title of The Vonic’s “Goodbye” is a bit opposite of how the group leaves enthusiasts feeling after listening and watching the video. The Vonics have a robust upbeat sound which can make the mundane all that much better, just by hitting play. The proof is heard in “Goodbye.” In addition, yes, that is a horn section providing the added juice during “Goodbye.” But there is more. A three time Black Country Music Awards nominee, The Vonic’s music is used by the Premier League football club’s  Wolverhampton Wanderers.

It is necessary to point out when speaking of The Vonics, how each bandmate brings something to the mix. With that said, The Vonics is Scott Robinson – singer; Mark Hancox – guitar/backing vocals; Chris Dixon – guitar; John Webb – bass; Mark Oliver – drummer.

For more about the music, please visit The Vonics’ official links.



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