Malxolm Brixkhouse: ‘Beautiful Faces’ Brings New Music Visualizers

Artist engages enthusiasts with a trio of striking videos  

FFO: Hard Rock, Rock

The future is now for Malxolm Brixkhouse. Melding hard rock, amperage and imagery, the Brooklyn recording artist is aggressive and at times even wraithlike during presentation. Proof can be heard, seen and fully experienced during the musician’s latest three song EP titled Beautiful Faces. Fighting musical devolution with creative expression, this is Malxolm Brixkhouse.

The trio of visualizers for Malxolm Brickhouse’s Beautiful Faces includes the songs “Caroline,” “Constellation” and “The Decline.”  

Beware the Beautiful Faces title because the description evokes mystery. For instance, during “Caroline,” tattooed atmospherics, excited night dwellers and smoky inspiration set the state of mind as the music roars to a modern rocked brew. Strobes lights, pentagrams, large crosses and night vision views add to the thrill. After watching the 4:04 video, the visualizer moniker seems quite appropriate. With a monochromatic baseball hat, dreadlocks and wearing a pile of pearls, Brickhouse’s star presence is gritty within the lyrics, “When we all seem confused in this unity/…never knew the sounds of hate could play out so beautifully.”

Next up, throughout “Constellation,” oversized crucifixes, crisp greenbacks and the artist himself provide some of the imagery and authority. During the lyrics to “Constellation,” the EP’s title is found in the words, “Beautiful faces, it snows here.” The mood is somewhat similar to “Caroline.” In “The Decline,” the 4:14 video equates to the first two but with more of an evil intent. As the guitar notes pierce the speakers and the rhythm battery rivets down a groove, the sync between music and visuals is clearly felt.

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For more about Malxolm Brixkhouse, please visit the artist’s official links.



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