The Ocean Beneath – ‘Strands (Ft. Lines Of Flight)’: Commemorative Spoken Word Musings

Two bands from Leeds join forces for contemporary reflection, an instrumental version too  

FFO: Spoken Word, Electronic Beats, Ambient, Microhouse, Synthwave

Creativity in music, involving spoken word, is bound to attract the attention of enthusiasts who yearn for something different. Satisfying that craving now includes “Strands (Ft. Lines Of Flight),”from The Ocean Beneath. Reflections presented in a distinctive vocal element, mixed over a sensitive electronic composition, provides an expansive ambiance and dimension before building to a full bloom. This is where the music begins.

“Strands” offers a closer familiarity for listeners, conveyed through spoken word.

Turning social media tweets from the last three years into song vocals, the spoken word portion of “Strands,” performed by Lines Of Flight’s Mathew Henderson, lends to a mirrored, poetic appeal. Mentioning a parent’s death and other relatable imagery, combining the oral tradition within a modern perspective, the 4:24 track‘s vocal work has an irresistible lo-fi-ish tone, keeping things all the more real. Pay attention to the vocals, which provide an entire narrative. Production is excellent throughout the recording.

Floating slightly under the vocals yet always present, at 1:14 into the cut, soft keyboard dexterity becomes rhythmic electronic beats, creating a faster pulse and increased tension. Before long, a synthy flavor turns things up alongside the vocals, finding just the right satiation. “Strands” also is available as an instrumental mix. The instrumental edition stands alone as its own listening experience.

The Ocean Beneath is musician and composer Matt Burnside. Lines Of Flight is Matthew Henderson and Helen Whale. The two bands have worked together on several projects.

“Strands” is produced and mixed by The Ocean Beneath; mastered by Tony Dixon at Masterpiece Masters, London. The accompanying artwork is from Loose Collective.

For more information, please visit The Ocean Beneath’s official links.

The Ocean


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