Emilia Vaughn’s ‘Sunflower’: A Lyrical Imagination Realized Through Music

Artist’s independent track matches Ukraine’s national flower, symbol

FFO: American Alternative Pop, Singer-Songwriters

Drawing on a spirit of light, hope and solidarity over war torn violence, “Sunflower,” an original song from Emilia Vaughn, recognizes the needs of people, both physically and emotionally. In addition to providing music that is heartfelt and soothing, Vaughn’s latest also seeks to alleviate some of the pain by helping support humanitarian organizations with a Ukrainian focus, namely the World Central Kitchen and Friends of Moldova, a US-funded 501(c)(3.) But there is more to “Sunflower.”  

Emilia Vaughn’s gift of song is both musical as well as charitable.                        

The video for “Sunflower” has achieved a tremendous social media reaction and with good reason. Pleasant acoustic guitar and handclaps help keep the rhythm warm and comfortable. Written and performed by Emilia Vaughn, the San Diego, California-based artist comes across as genuine and accessible. A lovely voice and presentation, “Sunflower” has a personal singer-songwriter feel where each lyric and measure is deeply felt. Production is excellent.         

On the altruistic side, Vaughn is donating 50% of any first three months streaming proceeds for “Sunflower” to the World Central Kitchen, at #ChefsForUkraine, which distributes meals to those affected by the war in Ukraine, including bordering nations; and Friends of Moldova, an organization caring for  refugees.     

According to The Encyclopedia of Ukraine, the sunflower is the nation’s “unofficial national symbol,” abundantly growing in the country since the 1700s. Emilia Vaughn’s “Sunflower” taps into the strength of Ukraine while maintaining hope.

“Sunflower” follows Vaughn’s debut single, “Pieces And Pages.”

**Read here for a review of Emilia Vaughn’s “Pieces And Pages.”**

“Sunflower” is written by Emilia Vaughn; produced by Robbie Dean with vocal production, mixing and mastering by Thomas Barsoe for OC Hit.    

Photographer: Dani Thompson

For more about Emilia Vaughn, please visit the artist’s official links.

Emilia Vaughn-jpg.com


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