Charlotte Couleau’s ‘In The River’: Defining Musical Beauty

Recording artist delivers nature’s gentle caress with new song    

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With eyes closed, “In The River,” by Charlotte Couleau, provokes thoughts of an elegant nymph, delicately imagined and rising from the water in song. As for real life, the accompanying video, lyrics and performance suggest a timeless quality and an enduring spirit. Couleau’s piano and voice exude a soothing, even slightly blue expression, magnetic and sweet. Fans of Couleau know nature often plays a role within the French artist’s creativity and “In The River” is no exception.

Charlotte Couleau’s personality and musical subtleties are perhaps best typified with “In The River.”

In many ways, Charlotte Couleau’s “In The River” is an homage of sorts to nature. The 2:45 track’s narrative is filled with imagery about the Earth’s land, sea and air. Still, the song and the singer’s central energy are derived from the water, specifically “In The River.” Charlotte’s outstanding performance throughout the video, including the musician’s piano play, invokes a graceful spirit, especially in the lyrics, “And flows and flows, flows, the river flows/And sings and sings, the water sings…”

Legend points out how nymphs of aquatic environs, salt and freshwater, including rivers, retain exceptional powers and abilities. No doubt, the fabled water sprites are friends of nature. But these are fictional beings while Charlotte Couleau is real and most exceptional. Of course, similarly, the artist is nature’s protector at heart. Additionally, the singer’s personal range, phrasing and vocal refinement lend to the eternal mood and ambiance of the music “In The River.”

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For more about Charlotte Couleau, please visit the artist’s official link.


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